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Our Financial Aid team created this guide to provide students with information on a variety of scholarships that are offered on a local or state basis. The following options can help you identify scholarships that are available by county, by employer, and by program.

Additional scholarship opportunities are available to currently enrolled students. 关于学费的问题, fees, and scholarships can be directed to the Financial Aid Office at 爱博体育 & Technology:

NOTE: The Office of Financial Aid at 爱博体育 & Technology does not endorse or recommend any particular scholarship service or private scholarship websites. We encourage you to be cautious concerning scholarship search organizations which charge a fee.


爱博体育 & 科技奖学金

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爱博体育 & 科技奖学金

SHSBT will offer a maximum of seven new scholarships each school year.

学校颁发了五项奖学金 State College and two at Altoona. The scholarship is valued at 25 percent of the cost of tuition. It is given to those students who demonstrate economic hardship and would benefit from this scholarship. Scholarships are granted without regard to race, color, creed, 性取向, religion, age, 残疾或国籍.

A student meeting the following qualifications for the scholarship must submit a letter of application to the Scholarship Committee for review. 申请截止日期为12月20日. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision within thirty (30) days of the application deadline.

Qualifications for the SHSBT Scholarship are as follows:

  1. 在申请时, students must be enrolled full-time in a diploma or degree program of study.
  2. Students must have completed a minimum of one full term of study at the time of application.
  3. 学生必须至少有3个.每学期累计平均成绩为0分.
  4. The student’s financial records must prove financial need which is determined by the Scholarship Committee.
  5. Students must have completed a FAFSA in a timely fashion and submitted forms for any applicable state and federal grants.
  6. Submit a formally typed letter of application (1-2 pages) that indicates the applicant’s name, 课程和学习年份, 教育和职业目标. The applicant should state how receiving the school scholarship would benefit him/her in his/her pursuit of the stated goals. Other information pertinent for review by the committee is additionally welcome in the application letter.

The scholarship is valued at 25 percent of tuition. If the balance of tuition due after applying grants, 机构赞助, and/or other scholarships is less than 25 percent of the total tuition, the SHSBT scholarship will be limited to that amount.

The scholarship will be credited retroactively to the first term of the school year in which the scholarship is granted. It will be credited to the recipient’s account on a term-by-term basis through graduation when eligibility is maintained. The school scholarship will be permanently forfeited when eligibility is lost. Please 联系财政援助办公室 有关此奖学金的更多信息.

Rudy & 安娜梅劳动奖学金

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Rudy J. & 安娜梅劳动纪念奖学基金

  • Applicants must be high school graduates, with a GPA of 3.0 or equivalent, who have been accepted into a full-time degree program at 爱博体育 & Technology. (更多细节见下一节.)

This fund provides scholarships annually for newly enrolling students who will be attending 爱博体育 & Technology. There will be 10 scholarships available for students enrolled to begin classes in Fall. Each scholarship will total $7,000 to be applied toward the cost of tuition and books. Award money will be distributed evenly over six terms. Scholarship recipients will be determined by a scholarship committee. 这个基金是通过 中心基础.

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide deserving candidates the means and encouragement to accomplish career goals through a post-secondary education at 爱博体育 & Technology.


  • High School Graduate* (GED students do not qualify)
  • 高中GPA不低于3分.0 or equivalent
  • Must not have already earned an Associate Degree or higher
  • Acceptance into a full-time specialized associate degree program at 爱博体育 & Technology**
  • 完成Rudy J. & Annamae劳动奖学金申请
  • 完成FAFSA ( demonstrating financial need (the accuracy of the FAFSA will be determined prior to the award of the scholarship)
  • Completed application for any applicable state and federal grants

* For seniors graduating in June, please submit your transcript to-date from your high school. South Hills retains the right to revoke a scholarship if an applicant's GPA drops below the scholarship requirement during the final semester of high school.

** Previous and current South Hills students are not eligible to apply under the current scholarship guidelines.

如何申请Rudy J. & 安娜梅劳动奖学金

  1. 适用于南山. 点击这里开始这个过程.
  2. Upon acceptance into a full-time specialized associate degree program at South Hills, 点击这里完成Rudy J.& Annamae劳动奖学金申请.

The scholarship award will be distributed evenly and credited to the recipient's account over six terms if eligibility is maintained. To remain eligible the student must maintain full-time enrollment status and a minimum 3.每学期累积平均成绩为0分.

If a scholarship recipient's GPA drops below 3.0 and/or enrollment status changes to less than full-time, it is up to the discretion of the scholarship committee to determine whether the balance of the scholarship will be reinstated to the recipient. (A leave of absence cannot exceed one term unless it is due to military service or a documented medical condition.) The scholarship recipient must submit a letter of explanation to the scholarship committee to request reinstatement of the balance of the scholarship.

If the scholarship results in an over-award above the cost of tuition and books, the school will make the appropriate adjustment and unused funds will be returned to the scholarship fund.

Scholarships are granted without regard to race, color, creed, 性取向, religion, age, disability, 或者国籍.


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Centre County is offering scholarships to encourage new emergency responder volunteers in Centre County. These scholarships can be used at specific schools, including for any degree program 由爱博体育提供 & Technology. Successful applicants will be eligible for scholarships of up to $2,500 per academic year.

To be eligible for the Centre County Emergency Responder Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. 居住在中心县
  2. Volunteer for a recognized Centre County based, volunteer emergency responder company, i.e. 消防公司、消防警察、紧急医疗服务等., for at least three months before the next academic year begins.
  3. A new emergency responder volunteer shall be defined as anyone 17 or older who has not served as a volunteer or paid member of a volunteer emergency responder company in Centre County for the prior two calendar years. Volunteers who served as junior volunteers or under 18 volunteers will be eligible if they become an active adult volunteer. New County residents who had served as a volunteer in a different County would be considered a new emergency responder volunteer.
  4. Scholarship recipients are expected to remain on active duty through the end of the academic year of the scholarship.
  5. Due to the special circumstances of EMS services, anyone who is a new applicant to an EMS Company, 是否为付费, non-management position or any volunteer position, 会被视为志愿者吗.
  6. Applicants must be accepted into a post-secondary program at either Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI) or 爱博体育 & Technology.

中心县正在与 中心基础 实施新奖学金. 中心基础 will manage the scholarship application and scholarship award process and will pay scholarships directly to the school an awardee will be attending. The Centre County Training Center Advisory Board Committee and the County Commissioners will act as the review committee for the scholarship.

To apply, go to Register as an applicant and then search for the Centre County Emergency Responder Scholarship to apply. For more information please contact 中心基础 at 814-237-6229.


爱博体育 & Technology is a proud participant of the 黄丝带计划. 请到我们的 退伍军人教育福利 浏览更多详情.

Association of State Corrections Administrators (ASCA)
  • Applicants must be high school seniors entering college and the child of a current, retired, or deceased employee who was a full-time employee of a corrections agency that is a member of ASCA.
  • 更多网上资料:
PA Cooperative Education Association (PCEA) Scholarship
  • Applicants must be high school seniors and a part of PCEA.
  • 更多网上资料:
  • 重点俱乐部奖学金: High school seniors who are members of Key Club
  • Kiwanian受抚养儿童奖学金: Dependent high school seniors who demonstrate strong leadership abilities, 为他人服务, 学术, 高尚的道德品质.
  • 更多网上资料:
Primary Health Networks Scholarship (for students in 医疗保健项目 only)
PA State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) Scholarship
  • Applicants must be high school seniors or in the National Guard who are members of PSECU.
  • 更多网上资料:
  • Applicants must be graduating high school seniors and need to submit a creative project that highlights the dangers of drunk and/or distracted driving.
  • 更多网上资料:
Financial Aid Opportunities for Those with a Disability or In Need of Rehabilitative Services
  • 中心县社区基金: Offers grants and scholarships to Centre County students and other nearby school districts for both high school students and returning adults.